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Beyond Bodyz: - "The Competition Look"

I created this online program, The Competition Look as a serious sculpting platform for females who are serious about their fitness. The Competition Look was designed specifically for WOMEN.


It is for the female who wants to achieve a classic athletic, fitness competitor physique.


It is, in fact, a nutrition and training blueprint to help you get the desired result you want.


For example, in this program we will focus on building your upper back for that desired V-shape.


And, then, we build nice round shoulders that accentuate your upper arms allowing you to present a tapered, snatched look -- that so many wish for.


The Competition Look Program incorporates a personalized nutrition and meal plan program tailored to your specific goals as well as your food preferences.


Forget about all the fads.  The combination of consuming the right balance of carbohydrates, protein and fat is not some magical “one-size-fits-all” program.


Schedule Your 20-minute Discovery Call!


Schedule Your 20-minute Discovery Call!


I will provide the exact, optimal nutrition plan to produce the results you want to achieve.


Your personalized menu plan uses food as FUEL to achieve your physical goals.  We have no interest in plans that leave you starving half the day or living off rice cakes and celery!


In my view, there is only ONE PLAN.   YOUR PLAN.


That's because YOU are UNIQUE.


As such, our team will be hands-on and work WITH you to make adjustments along your journey to ensure everything is "dialed-in."


This is exactly how real, long-term life changing results are achieved.


Beyond the Physical...

Here's how our decades of training and consulting experience benefit your progress.  We actually evaluate your activities, energy and mood.


Not just at the beginning of your journey, but ALL ALONG THE WAY.


Both Heather and I know that a holistic approach is the only way to go with serious clients who want to take their bodies -- and their lives -- to the next level.


Results may be the GOAL... but, what serious clients really want is manageable LIFE CHANGE.

That’s why with my Look Program I conduct a full initial evaluation on each client.


Then I design a meal plan specific to YOU, that is:






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Abs, Arms, Glutes, Quads and More...


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ABS:  I also provide the techniques to build those abs you’ve been wanting. When it comes to a fit body and looking strong, you want to look balanced and have muscle in the right places.


CALVES:  Starting from the ground up, we focus on your calves with just enough work to create a diamond shape and detail in proportion to the rest of your body.


QUADS:  A major focal component of your lower body will be your quads, the muscle in the front of your leg between your hip and knee. I pay close attention to the outer side, so when we build and develop those muscles properly you will have what is known in the competitive world as the "sweep."  This helps to make your waist appear smaller and gives you a very athletic look and the X shape or the athletic hourglass figure.

HAMSTRINGS & GLUTES:  For proper aesthetics we must create an illusion with your body so it looks great from all sides and angles. So, last, but certainly not least, I will spend upwards of 4 days per week focusing on hamstrings and glutes.


These are the foundation of your lower body. Your hamstring group are the tendons and muscles located on the back of your leg. This development is crucial to The Look, as it helps build the area called the "tie-in" which is how you will get a detailed transition from the back of your legs to your booty.


This is one of the most judged areas on the competition stage. Building your hamstrings and glutes is proof you do your work.  It's a sure indicator that you don’t skip "leg day!"


Without development in this area, your lower body will not be balanced and your butt may look like an overdone BBL than lower body.


With decades of experience and specialized education and certification pertaining to glutes, my proprietary system will build your booty as fast and as safely as possible with astounding results.


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Sophisticated, Next Level Proprietary Program...


I originally created this program, "The Look," for my off-season bikini and figure competitors.


As I moved forward to build a "wellness competitor look" my proprietary protocol became very popular with many non-competitive women who desired this particular physique.


As a result, I turned it into a "stand alone" program specifically for women who desired this type of look and physique --  but did not want to deal with the emotional and financial stress, ups and downs and other variables associated with stepping into the competition world.


They simply want to look and feel FANTASTIC!

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From Darryl Daniels: "The Competition Look"


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This is a custom, proprietary platform I designed specifically for women who are serious and motivated to change their physique.


Whether you're looking to gain the aesthetic physique of an athlete -- or motivated to become a competitive bodybuilder -- my proprietary systems and protocol will help you achieve your goals better than any other option available. Period.


It may sound like bragging, but it's simply the truth.


This is state-of-the-art training and coaching at a level unavailable anywhere else.


That's why my services are retained by top amateur and professional athletes, sport celebrities, entertainment stars and top executives throughout the world.


Right from the start I will personally work with you to:


✅  Increase muscle mass

✅  Lose body-fat

✅  Improve body symmetry.

Let's Talk About Your Success!

The success of your program is going to be based on consistency.


Depending on your current condition and motivation, you probably already know this consistency is for more than just a couple of weeks.  It's a long-term proposition.


And, hopefully, this same consistency will transition into a lifestyle change that will benefit you forever!




After four decades of transforming thousands of bodies, I have a unique perspective on what motivates people.


For example, in the beginning almost everyone tells me they want to "feel better" and "have more energy."


Yet, nothing gets my clients more excited than when their families, friends and co-workers say things like,


"WOW... you look amazing!"


So, let's just cut to the chase and admit that "LOOKING GOOD" is a healthy motivator.  It breeds confidence, increases self-esteem and helps you in dozens of different ways.  Enjoy it.  You earned it!


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Many financially successful men and women possess material objects that smack of "success."  From real estate and expensive automobiles to high-end fashions and vacations.  Over the years I've worked with plenty of these people -- all of whom would trade it all -- to have their health back.


Conversely, I've coached numerous "regular" (not so affluent) people who, after learning how to live a positive, healthy lifestyle, went on to create incredibly successful lives with stable finances, loving families and a network of caring friends and associates.


So, perhaps the true measure of SUCCESS is one's own happiness within.  For us, that starts with your HEALTH.

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What You Should Know About ALL Programs

Individualized, Fine-Tuned Workouts...


Of course we understand different people want different looks for their own reasons.


This is exactly why your program is individualized and finely tuned to meet your goals - whether it is an athletic physique -- or, you want to have the "Look" of a competitor.


Or, maybe there are just specific body parts you want to change like your shoulders, your biceps or very popular, your glutes (booty).


Your specific design will be segmented into conditioning, body shaping, fat burning and maintenance / lifestyle.

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And, Then... the "MAGIC" Begins!

First we conduct an assessment to determine your balance.


Bodybuilding creates illusions.  As such, we develop your body so it looks good from all angles.


With that in mind, we build your program to prioritize the areas of your body that need work.


If you come to us as "previously athletic" --  we can completely change your physique and how you maintain it.   Or, we can perfect it for a more competitive look -- or even "contest prep" within a year's time.


Body Shaping...


We will work toward the V-taper shoulder-to-waist and X-shape with a well developed lower body.


This is not powerlifting or weight lifting, this is bodybuilding.  We are working to shape your body.


Technique is focused on "mind-to-muscle" connections, squeezing contractions and visualization.


Through my training techniques you will learn new things about your body and how it responds to certain types of exercises.


WARNING!  The body part you hate to train the most may be where we place our focus. Most women tend to "over-train" the body parts they love -- and neglect the others.


On the nutrition side of the program we prefer meal plans over macro programs (although both are available). Nutrition is not as complicated as the media and some people have portrayed it.


Once we determine your energy and metabolic needs we focus on the foods that create the best response from your body.


We believe in the 80/20 formula that says if you're on your plan 80% of the time, the other 20% can keep you out of deprivation and be very positive for your mental health.




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