We believe in you.

Darryl Daniels   |   Heather Nikki Daniels


We know this to be true...

Nutrition, fitness and health goals will be achieved BEYOND just the physical body.


Total wellness is a holistic process that encompasses a mindset coupled with your own spirituality and physical being.   They are intertwined. 


Therefore, in 1998, we became Beyond Bodyz.  Heather and I look forward to our journey together with YOU.


Darryl Daniels, Ifbb Pro


Allow Me to be Your Compass...

With more than 30 years of experience I've personally coached and consulted a diverse group of clients. 


From corporate executives and home-based Moms to celebrities and professional athletes, we've all traveled our individual paths to reach our goals -- together.


It's not rocket science.


But, in each case it requires a navigator.  A professional who knows the way and can help you avoid the distractions and noise.


That's where I come in.


With my background in human physiology, nutrition and positive mindset, I will provide you with a crystal clear road map toward your own individual goals. 


Part of our journey together is understanding the importance of nutritional supplementation and how it assists in muscle recovery, cardiovascular health and efficient fat-loss.  Let's get started!

Heather Nikki Daniels


Together, We Become a Team